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Madame Caesar
11 March
United States
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abjds, angelic pretty, anime, ap, artimus foul, asian boys, babytssb, band, being healthy, being small, being warm, benjamin tiberius, bjds, books, boots, bouncing, btssb, buttons, cats, cheese, church, clarinets, comicbooks, computers, concerts, corsets, cosplay, crossplay, cyber fashion, cyber music, dal, david bowie, dbsk, ddr, dnd, dollfie, dong bang shin gi, dong bang shin ki, drawing, dungeons and dragons, earth science, ender's game, flaming hot cheetos, food, geeky things, gothic lolita, gravitation, guitars, harry potter, industrial fashion, industrial music, innocent world, iphone, ipod, iw, japan, japanese, japanese stuff, jounochi katsuya, jumperskirts, kaiba seto, kang ta, kangta, kiss kiss, kitties, kmfdm, labyrinth, learning, living, lolita fashion, lolita lifestyle, love, mac, mana, manga, marilyn manson, milk, moi même moitié, movies, music, music notes, musicals, oreos, outlaw star, pikachu, pink bunnies, pins, platforms, pokemon, pretty boys, puffy cheetos, pullip, punk lolita, puppyshipping, pvc, rabbits, reading, recycling, red, seto kaiba, sewing, shonen ai, skirts, sleeping, snow cones, staying up late, strawberries, taeyang, the beatles, the sun, theatre, they might be giants, thsk, tohoshinki, tong vfang xien qi, tvxq, victorian maiden, vm, webcomics, wheesung, winds of change trilogy, writing, yaoi, yu gi oh, yu-gi-oh, yuugioh
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