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(Psst~! HERE are my previous FO banners. All made by me. You can use them, just make sure to credit me. ^^)

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prgoegpeih4zd GAAAAAAAAAH~! I'm going to JAPAN this coming January~! :DDDD

At my college we have a January term and I'm going to JAPAN FOR JANUARY~!

*freaking out~!* ;rgeitwo43qiow

... OK, must pack. Heading to my future In-Laws for Easter. ... JAAAAAAAAPAAAAAAAAAA~! :DDDDD DREAMS DO COME TRUE~! :DDD

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Sales Journal

So I just created a sales journal. milk_and_oreos Hit me up. ^_^ I'll be updating it when I can.



I know I haven't updated this thing in FOREVER... but I've been busy. College. You know how it goes. It's almost over though. ^_^ Less than a month. Yippee~!

But yeah, check out my sales periodically. I'll update when I can/ see fit/have time.
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