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Friends Only~!


State why you should be added and more than likely you will be~! ^_^

(Psst~! HERE are my previous FO banners. All made by me. You can use them, just make sure to credit me. ^^)

Name: Call me Caesar, but Madame Caesar works too. (I don't like giving my real name on the internet).
School: College
Major: International Studies
Minors: Asian Studies, and Drama


~almost, but not quite, "obsessed" with the Korean boyband TVfXQ (aka DBSK, THSK).
~under 5 feet tall. ^^
~a pretty big Geek. And I love it. ^_^
~ in love with Japan (the language, music, fashions, customs, aka everything.)
~a gothic, aristocratic, lolita, steam-punk, cyber, industrial hybrid type person.
~called a "Modern Hippy" by some, but without the drugs and alcohol.


~ love Lolita.
~can sew and I love to do it.
~love Japanese and Korean music.
~enjoy listening to almost any kind of music. (Execpt for America Rap. Can't spell "crap" without "rap").
~don't cuss and would appreicate it if you don't.
~don't smoke.
~don't drink alcohol.
~respect myself and others.

Some of the bands I listen to:


abingdon boys school, access, AN CAFE, Anyband, Apocalyptica, Arashi, Audio Alchemy, Ayumi Hamasaki,

The Beatles, Benjamin Tiberius, Bi Rain,

Captain Jack, ClaZziQuai,

D, D'espairsRay, Daft Punk, Daisuki Asakura, David Bowie, Dir en Grey, Dong Bang Shin Ki (aka DBSK, DBSG),

Fly to the Sky,

the GazettE, Girugamesh, GReeeeN,

Harry and the Potters, Hey!Say!7, Hey! Say! BEST, Hey!Say!JUMP, Hinoi Team, H.O.T.


John Lennon,

Kangta, Kanjani8, Kanon Wakeshima, KAT-TUN, Kiss Kiss, KMFDM, Kotani Kinya,

L'Arc-En-Ciel, Lemon Demon, LM.C,

Mad Soldiers, Malice Mizer, Marilyn Manson, Moi dix Moix,

NEWS, Nine Inch Nails,

Paul McCartney,


Ramnstein, The Rasmus,

SM Town, Super Junior (and all the supgroups),

Tegomasu, They Might Be Giants, T.M. Revolution, Tohoshinki, The TRAX, TVfXQ,

w-inds., Wheesung,


And copious amounts more that I just don't feel like listing.

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