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prgoegpeih4zd GAAAAAAAAAH~! I'm going to JAPAN this coming January~! :DDDD

At my college we have a January term and I'm going to JAPAN FOR JANUARY~!

*freaking out~!* ;rgeitwo43qiow

... OK, must pack. Heading to my future In-Laws for Easter. ... JAAAAAAAAPAAAAAAAAAA~! :DDDDD DREAMS DO COME TRUE~! :DDD

EDIT: 4:20pm - I'm at my In-Laws now, so I have some time to give a few more details. :3

My Japanese professor, Munson-sensei, wasn't going to go to Japan anymore because he had some reeeeeeaaaaaaalllly bad experiences with the students last time. But my friend, Puck, and I ambushed Munson-sensei after our Haruki Murakami class (...yes, an entire class just about Murakami. It's insane! :D) yesterday and were like "Yo Munson, you should totally go to Japan. Why? Because you rock!... And we reeeeeeaaaaaaally want to go." Obviouslly we said some other stuffs, but that was the gist of what we said. lol He said that he would think about it and I guess we convinced him! :D

He's only taking 13 pre-selected students though... but that's fine with me since I'm going! And so is my Fiancé (he transferred to my college at the beginning of this semester). :3

AND AND! Since my Fiancé and I are getting married in December, this trip to Japan is going to be our Honeymoon as well! :DD YAY for us being cheap. XD

Hmm, as for where our class will be, I think we will be in Tokyo... but I'm not sure. XD: I don't think I care as long as I get to go to Japan with Munson~!

I was sooo sad when Munson said that he wasn't going to Japan ever again and I really wanted to go with him since I heard some crazy stories of him in Japan... and he's just an awesome professor~!!! But now we're all going~! YAY~! :DD

Ok... I think I'm done rambling about how happy I am and how awesome this is... at least for now. The happy-ramble-bug might bite me as the trip gets closer, so expect posts then. ^^

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