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ATTN: All recent purchases from me

This post is a continuation of this Drama.

I was able to break away from the death that is college cram time and "attack" the post office today! And guess what I have? Almost every package I have sent out this past month. D: The Post Office phailz.

I went in as soon as they opened this morning and asked for the Post Master and, with my handy-dandy receipt, I proceeded to explain my case. I've talked to the Post Master a few times before this incident so he has an idea who I am. Once I was finished he said that it was odd that so many packages went missing at once and that he would check into it, and that he would give me a call as soon as he found out anything. ... Well, at about 5pm ish or so I got a call from the Post Master saying that he found my missing packages! :DD He said that they just got misplaced in a big bin that was put to the side. When I heard that I was like "They got misplaced for a MONTH?!" He then proceeded to explain that since they are undergoing some renovations that some of the extra bins got placed in storage to make room for the crew that does the renovations. ... And that's where these packages went since they were in this bin. How they overlooked so many packages (my packages none the less) I have no clue, I'm just happy everything is safe. Whew!

The Post Master then asked me if I wanted to pick up the packages to double check their contents, and I was all "YES!O_O" I don't want things missing (considering not everything had insurance). And when I picked them up he said that I can take them all home and once I have double checked them I can bring them back and have them shipped off at no extra charge (as long as I bring in all my receipts). ^^

So that's what I'm in the process of doing right now. I have checked everything and as far as I can tell nothing is missing. Thank goodness! But some of the clothes do smell a bit musty from being in storage, so I'm going to go have them all cleaned (at no charge to you all... unless you're feeling kind and want to donate money. lol JK)

Since I will be taking things to the cleaners on Saturday, things will start to be re-shipped out on Monday. At the latest things will go out on Friday.

If you wonderful ladies have any questions feel free to drop me a line!

Thanks again for your patience though this!
<3 Kitty_Caesar!

PS~ I asked the Post Master about the Postal worker that lied to me and he said that he's going to talk to him. ^^ I hope that guy gets fired a pay reduction ... or something.


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